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Regional Studies Courses


ENGL 218 African Literature
ENGL 331 Literatures of Africa
FREN 328 Introduction to Magrhebian Literature and Culture
HIST 281 Africa c. 1500-1900
HIST 282 Africa in the Twentieth Century
HIST 390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia
PLSC 348 Politics of Africa


ARTH 225 Art and Asia
ARTH 226 Art and Culture of Japan
ARTH 279 Asian Art
ARTH 383 East Asian Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy
ENGL 214 Literature of India
HIST 250 Modern East Asia 1600-1960
HIST 252 Modern China 1900-1940
HIST 341 History and Memory: WWII in Asia
HIST 390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia
LLC 225 Chinese Culture and Civilization
LLC 227 Action Genre in East Asian Cinema
LLC 325 Revolution and Modernity in Chinese Literature
LLC 355 Chinese Cinema
MUS 125 Indonesian Theatre and Music
PLSC 343 Politics of Asia
PLSC 345 Politics of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
RELG 210 Healing and Medicine in China
RELG 251 Sacred Arts of India
RELG 268 Chinese Healing Arts
RELG 352 Buddhism in India and Tibet
RELG 355 Selected Asian Religions
RELG 366 Buddhist Philosophy
RHCS 412 ST: Rhetorics in South Asia

Latin America

ANTH 307 Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
ANTH 308 Latin America: An Ethnographic Perspective
ENGL 238 Readings in Caribbean Literature*
ENGL 332 Literatures of the Caribbean*
GEOG 333/ENVR 333 Geographies of Amazonia
HIST 260 Colonial Latin America
HIST 261 Modern Latin America
HIST 262 The Making of Modern Brazil
HIST 265 Gender & Sexuality in Latin American History
LAIS 312 Introduction to Latin American Studies
LAIS 314 Luso-Brazilian Studies: A Global Perspective
PLSC 349 Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean

The Middle East

ANTH 350 Sex and Gender in the Middle East
FREN 328 Introduction to Magrhebian Literature and Culture
HIST 270 Early Islamic World 
HIST 271 The Modern Middle East
HIST 370 Contending Visions of the Middle East
LLC 243 Politics and Social Movements in Modern Middle Eastern Literatures
LLC 346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West
LLC 347 Islam, Nationalism, and the West: Modern Thought in the Arab World
HIST 399 ST: Modern Turkey
PLSC 355 International Relations of the Middle East
RELG 103 Introduction to Islam
RELG 230 The History of Israel
RELG 287 Ninety-nine Names of God
RELG 288 Saints and Sinners in Muslim Literature
RELG 385 Sufism: Introduction to Islamic Mysticism

Eastern Europe and Eurasia

HIST 236 Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and After
HIST 244 Propaganda State
HIST 246 Russia in Revolution, 1905-1934
HIST 249 Cold War Europe, 1945-1991
HIST 326 Communism
LLC 260 Literature and Social Change in Eastern Europe
LLC 321 Introduction to 19th-Century Russian Literature
LLC 322 Introduction to 20th-Century and Contemporary Russian
LLC 331 Russian and East European Film
LLC 335 Bolsheviks, Bombs and Ballet: Soviet Culture and Civilization
SOC 232 Postsocialism in Russia and Eastern Europe

Western Europe

ECON 210 The Economics of the European Union
ENGL 346 Twentieth-Century British and Irish Literature
FREN 465 French Film
GERM 472 Culture Wars & Identity Debates in German Society from Empire to EU
HIST 242 Modern Germany
HIST 248 European Diplomacy from Bismarck to Hitler
HIST 249 Cold War Europe, 1945-1991
HIST 329 Brexit: A History
ITAL 311 Italian Culture and Society
ITAL 411 Italian Identities: Sicily, Veneto, and Tuscany
LAIS 305 Spanish in Politics and Society
LAIS 311 Perspectives on People and Cultures of Spain
LAIS 462 Visions of Contemporary Spain
LAIS 465 Spanish Cinema
PHIL 344 Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy
PLSC 344 Europe Today