1. The primary objectives of Independent Study are to provide opportunities to explore in greater depth academic subject matter encountered in Global Studies and other courses or to study issues not covered in the framework of available courses. Thus, the GS 390 option provides an opportunity to expand the traditional curriculum through a student initiated course of study or research. An Independent Study may be arranged in either term of the academic session and in the summer. Students may take more than one Independent Study, however, no more than one (1.0) unit of independent study work may be applied to a GS major. GS 390 is not intended as a device for alleviating course scheduling difficulties or as a means of avoiding traditional courses. Independent Study work requires a high degree of academic maturity and discipline.
  2. GS 390 Independent Study may be taken for a full-unit (1.0), a half-unit (0.5), or a quarter-unit (0.25) of credit. The amount and type of work required will vary according to the amount of credit to be awarded, the subject matter studied, the reading or research program pursued, and the requirements of the professor with whom the student works. As a rule of thumb, for a full- unit Independent Study, at the discretion of the instructor, a combination of required individual conferences, assigned readings, and research and writing should total approximately 200 hours of work. A half-unit and quarter-unit should total about 100 hours and 50 hours respectively. GS 390 is a graded course and may not be taken pass/fail.
  3. Students interested in a GS 390 Independent Study should be prepared to propose an internationally oriented project to a faculty member with appropriate expertise in the subject. The student must then secure the approval of the faculty supervisor and the Global Studies Coordinator. Registration for GS 390 generally will not be permitted until an Independent Study Agreement Form has been completed and signed. Specifically, a topic, course goals and requirements, and a timetable for student/faculty consultations must be agreed upon before a student will be provided an override to allow for registration. The student has the responsibility for seeking faculty advice and submitting work in a timely fashion.
  4. Faculty members who agree to supervise an Independent Study are responsible for advising the student in developing and carrying out the work of the course, meeting with the student according to an agreed upon schedule, evaluating the student’s work, and determining a final grade.

For further information contact the Global Studies Coordinator in International Center 304, telephone 804 484-1472.

Independent Study Agreement Form

The above has been mutually agreed upon by the student and the faculty member in accordance with the GS 390 Independent Study Guidelines.