Global Studies: Development and Change

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units must be selected from three or more departments with no more than three units from a single department.

Eight units, including:

  • ECON-211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

  • Developmental Courses

    • At least three core unit courses, one from each of the following groups:

    • Group 1: Geographies

      • GEOG-320 Power, Space and Territory: Geographies of Political Change

      • GEOG-345/ENVR-345 Global Sustainability: Society, Economy, Nature

      • GEOG-370 Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization

    • Group 2: Politics and Policies

    • Group 3: Human Experience

      • ANTH-302 Medicine and Health from a Global/Anthropological Perspective

      • ANTH-303 Biopolitics in Medical Anthropology

      • ANTH-328 Anthropology of Human Rights

      • HIST-390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia

  • Regional Courses

    • Three elective units covering at least two different 'developing' regions, selected from the regional courses or comparable courses of study abroad.

  • Development Related Courses

    • Possible additional electives from courses listed above, selected topics, courses studied abroad, internships, independent study, or the following courses:

All students concentrating in Development are encouraged, but not required, to conduct independent research, in consultation with their GS faculty advisor. Summer research may be eligible for University funding.