Eligibility and Credit: Global Studies 388, Individual Internship, is open to Global Studies majors, and to other third- and fourth-year students with permission of the Global Studies Coordinator. No other prerequisites apply, although specific courses may be useful and/or required for a given internship. Internships are available for either a full-unit (1.0) or a half-unit (0.5) of credit. Internships may be arranged in either term of the academic session and in the summer. Students may take more than one internship; however, no more than one (1.0) unit of internship work may be applied to a GS major. GS 388 is a graded course and may not be taken pass/fail.

Work Component: The on-site work component of an internship must have an international dimension. The minimum hours of on-site work for a full-unit internship are 120 and for a half-unit 60. All internships must have an identifiable on-site supervisor.

Academic Component: : In addition to the on-site work of the internship, the intern must complete and submit for review by the faculty supervisor an academic component. This includes (1) a reflective daily or weekly journal of the on-site work, indicating hours of work, activities, tasks, accomplishments, etc. and (2) a research paper related to the internship. Research papers should be in the range of 12 to14 pages for a full unit internship and 6 to8 pages for a half-unit. Students must maintain regular contact with the faculty supervisor and make progress reports on the internship.

Final Course Grade: Internships are graded with the on-site and academic supervisors sharing responsibility for determining the final grade for GS 388. The on-site supervisor provides a written evaluation of the intern’s job performance; the faculty supervisor evaluates the intern’s academic component and determines the final grade.

Application/Registration Process: Students must: (1) identify an internship opportunity with appropriate international focus; (2) consult with the Global (International) Studies Coordinator about policies and procedures; (3) identify in consultation with the GS Coordinator an academic supervisor; (4) complete the GS Internship contract form; and (5) arrange to register for GS 388.

For further information, contact the Global Studies Coordinator in International Center 304, telephone 804 484-1472.


Background Information

Work Component

The above work component has been mutually agreed upon by the intern and work supervisor. The work supervisor agrees to provide the intern with an orientation concerning relevant organizational arrangements, procedures, and functions. He/she will meet with the intern regularly and will be available for counsel and advice during the internship. At the conclusion of the internship, he/she will provide a confidential written evaluation of the intern┬┐s job performance to the academic supervisor. The intern agrees to complete all work assignments promptly and to the best of his/her abilities. The intern accepts the obligation of confidentiality in his/her work and relationship with the work supervisor and agrees to familiarize himself/herself with and adhere to appropriate standards of ethical conduct.

Academic Component:

The above academic component has been mutually agreed upon by the intern and the faculty supervisor. They will meet periodically during the semester to discuss the internship experience and to assess the achievement of academic objectives.