All global studies majors have substantial research experience as they research and write a major paper for the capstone seminar, GS 400. In addition, global studies majors may pursue extensive independent research projects for GS 390: Independent Study. Students can register for this course after consulting with the program coordinator and receiving permission from the faculty member who will be supervising the research. Students interested in this opportunity should develop a research project in consultation with a supervising faculty member and obtain permission from the program coordinator before registering for the GS 390.

Many students find that the relationship they build with a faculty mentor while pursuing their senior seminar or independent research strengthens their commitment to pursuing graduate study in any number of fields available to those who have completed the global studies major.

The School of Arts and Sciences provides a number of research fellowships for students to complete summer research on campus. In addition, students who are invited to present their research at a regional or national conference or meeting can apply for travel grants through the School. Student work is often showcased on campus in the School of Arts and Sciences Student Symposium, which is held each spring.