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Politics and Goverance

Global Studies: Politics and Governance

Advisors: David Brandenberger (History), Stephen Long (Political Science), Jennifer Pribble (Political Science), Carol Summers (History)

The concentration is comprised of eight units selected from at least three departments and in the following categories

  • Diplomacy and World Order

    • Two units, chosen from:

  • Economic Integration or Interdependence

    • Two units, chosen from:

      • ECON-105 Introduction to Global Economics

      • ECON-210 The Economics of the European Union

      • ECON-211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

      • ECON-230/ENVR-230 Environmental Economics

      • ECON-310 International Trade and Finance

      • HIST-390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia

      • GEOG-345/ENVR-345 Global Sustainability: Society, Economy and Nature

      • GEOG-370 Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization

      • PLSC-351 Globalization

      • SOC-306 Social Change in a Global Perspective

      • SOC-335 Feast and Famine: Inequalities in the Global Food System

  • World Regions

    • Two units focused on the same world region selected from regional courses or study abroad.

  • Additional Concentration Electives

    • Two units chosen from the areas above.