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Global Studies Major

Global Studies is a rigorous but flexible interdisciplinary major that combines courses across departments and schools at the University of Richmond and at least a semester of study abroad. Students majoring in Global Studies select one of four concentrations, each coordinated by advisors with special expertise in the areas. The GS major and these concentrations provide a well-rounded liberal arts education, awareness of different nations, cultures, and global issues, and preliminary preparation for a variety of careers in the international arena.

The Global Studies major begins with the gateway course, Introduction to Global Studies and at least one of two other foundational courses, Geographic Dimensions of Global Development or Introduction to Comparative Politics. Students also reach advanced proficiency in a second language and experience living in another academic culture. During the final year, after study abroad, GS majors complete a capstone Senior Seminar by researching and writing an original scholarly paper on an important international issue. Successful completion of GS 290 is a prerequisite for GS400.

Students work with faculty advisors to choose additional electives, including courses taken abroad, within each concentration. Selections typically mix courses from anthropology, communications, economics, environmental studies, geography, history, literature, political science, religion, sociology, women’s studies, and the fine arts. Within each concentration, eight units must be taken from three or more departments (with no more than three units from a single department). While studying abroad students are encouraged to work with faculty advisors to identify courses not listed in the Richmond catalog that complement their academic program.

The Global Studies Major

Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the major must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade less than C- (1.7).

13 units, including:

A. Foundational Study in Language and Culture

Students specializing in Global Studies should be competent in at least two languages. For students whose secondary education was in English this requirement can be met by completing two courses taught in a language other than English at the 300 or 400 level in the departments of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures or Latin American, Latino and Iberian Studies. Students whose secondary education was not in English may satisfy the requirement with two units of world literature at the 300 or 400 level in any language (beyond the concetration).

B. Approved Experience Abroad

All Global Studies students should experience significant cultural immersion via a study abroad program of at least one semester in length, related to the major concentration. Students requesting an exception to this requirement (usually two summers) may submit a written petition to the program coordinator for review by a committee of Global Studies faculty.

C. Global Studies Foundational Coursework and Capstone

One unit, chosen from:
PLSC 240 Introduction to Comparative Politics
GEOG 210/GS 210 Planet Earth: People and Place

Two courses required of all majors:

GS 290 Introduction to Global Studies
GS 400 Senior Seminar

D. Global Studies Concentration

Eight units selected from three or more departments with no more than three units from a single department

Students are expected to fulfill all prerequisites necessary for courses within the major. Prerequisites do not count toward the major unless otherwise noted.