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International Economics

Global Studies: International Economics

Advisor: Jonathan B. Wight (Economics), Maia Kersti Linask (Economics)

Students are strongly encouraged to develop proficiency in economics with either a minor or double major (see Economics department listings for requirements).

Note: Within the concentration, the eight units selected from three or more departments.

Eight units, including:

  • Three units, chosen from:

    • ECON-210 The Economics of the European Union

    • ECON-211 Economic Development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

    • ECON-215 International Monetary Economics

    • ECON-310 International Trade: Causes, Consequences, and Controversies

    • ECON-315 International Macroeconomics

  • Global Power, Politics, and Culture

    • Two units from two different departments, chosen from:

  • History, Culture, Societies, Politics, and Religions of Regions or Nations in the World System

    • Two units, chosen from:

  • One additional unit chosen from courses above.