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Cultures & Communication

Global Studies: Cultures and Communication

Advisors:  Yvonne Howell, (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Tze Loo (History), Yucel Yanikdag (History)

The concentration consists of eight units in at least three different departments or disciplines, selected in consultation with an advisor, structured as follows:

  • Skills and Applied Courses

    • Analytic and applied understandings of intercultural communications. Two courses, chosen from:

    Complex Problems

    • Explore challenges and stakes of efforts to communicate across borders, cultures, assumptions, and beliefs. Two courses, chosen from:

      • ANTH-300 Sexuality and Gender Across Cultures

      • ANTH-306 Tourism and Anthropology

      • ANTH-379 ST: Tech, Surveillence and The Media

      • ECON-210 Economics of the European Union

      • ENVR-322 The Global Impact of Climate Change

      • HIST-236 Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and After

      • HIST-240 Human Rights and Revolution in the Atlantic World (1750-1850)

      • HIST-270 Early Islamic World

      • HIST-329 Brexit: A History

      • HIST-390 Food and Power in Africa and Asia

      • LLC-260 Literature and Social Change in Eastern Europe

      • LLC-360 Representing the Holocaust

      • LLC-346 Insiders and Outsiders: Arabic Encounters with the West

      • PLSC-346 Politics of Cultural Pluralism

      • SOC-308 Sociology of War

      • WGSS-203 Human Rights and Revolution in the Atlantic World (1750-1850)

  • Area Studies & Contexts

    • Investigate cultural specificity. Two units chosen from regional courses:

  • Additional Concentration Electives

    • Two additional courses, chosen from those above.