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Tom Zylkin

Associate Professor of Economics
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    Tom Zylkin is a trade economist and applied econometrician whose research focuses on quantifying the effects of trade agreements and other trade policies. His research has appeared in the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Economic Theory, the European Economic Review, the Canadian Journal of Economics, and the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. He is passionate about teaching Principles of Microeconomics to our first-year students and also enjoys teaching classes on International Economics and Econometrics. He has been at the University of Richmond since 2017.
  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    Do Cross-border Patents Promote Trade? (w/ Claire Brunel) Canadian Journal of Economics, 55(1), 379-418. 2022.

    Prudence versus Predation and the Gains from Trade (w/ Michelle Garfinkel and Constantinos Syropoulos) Journal of Economic Theory, 201. 2022.

    Bias and Consistency in Three-way Gravity Models (w/ Martin Weidner) Journal of International Economics, 132, 103513. 2021.

    ppmlhdfe: Fast Poisson Estimation with High-Dimensional Fixed Effects (with Sergio Correia and Paulo Guimarães) Stata Journal. 20(1), 95-115. 2020.

    Currency Unions and Trade: A PPML Re-Assessment with High-Dimensional Fixed Effects (w/ Mario Larch, Joschka Wanner, and Yoto Yotov) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 81(3), 487-510 (lead article). 2019.

    On the Widely Differing Effects of Free Trade Agreements: Lessons from Twenty Years of Trade Integration (w/ Scott Baier and Yoto Yotov) Journal of International Economics, 116, 206-226. 2019.

    Firm Heterogeneity and Trade-induced Layoffs: An Empirical Investigation (w/ Pinar Uysal and Yoto V. Yotov) European Economic Review, 75, 80-97. 2015.

    On the trade diversion effects of Free Trade Agreements (w/ Mian Dai and Yoto V. Yotov) Economics Letters, 122(2), 321-325. 2014.

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